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Provide new scientific and technological support for the field of intelligent industry
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Smart Chemical Park
Build a smart chemical industry internet platform based on the Xinsong industrial Internet platform, and take the Xinsong data center as the "data Lake" to realize the interconnection of equipment and form data assets. Based on the data model and mechanism model, complete the perception, diagnosis, prediction and closed-loop decision-making of data application, so as to help enterprises increase production and efficiency, avoid risks and reduce operating costs.

The "n+1+6+1+3" industrial Internet platform enables the information construction of safe production of hazardous chemicals, helps enterprises and the government to promote related work in an orderly manner, and supports the docking with the provincial emergency platform system.

Application scenario
Intelligent video monitoring of gas station

Intelligent video monitoring of gas station

Carry out intelligent identification, alarm and record of irregular behaviors of personnel in the refueling area and unloading area, abnormal conditions such as open fire and smoke, personnel leaving their posts during oil unloading operation, incorrect p
Enterprise safety production all factor management

Enterprise safety production all factor management

With reference to the safety production standards and safety management implementation guidelines of hazardous chemicals practitioners, information management and data fusion and sharing of various safety production factors can be realized.
Intelligent video surveillance application

Intelligent video surveillance application

Key areas and parts are covered with video monitoring system, real-time monitoring, storage and video playback, and video intelligent identification technology is used to intelligently identify, alarm and record abnormal conditions such as personnel off d
Personnel automatic positioning management system

Personnel automatic positioning management system

Using personnel location cards, location beacons, location base stations and other equipment and facilities, and using real-time location, track playback, electronic fencing and other technologies, effectively identify and track the whole process control
Whole process and video monitoring of special oper

Whole process and video monitoring of special oper

Adopt information technology to implement information management in the whole process of application, review, permit, supervision, acceptance and other special operations such as hot work, confined space, blind plate plugging, high place, hoisting, tempor
Application of double prevention in safety product

Application of double prevention in safety product

Accurately grasp the characteristics and laws of safety production, take risk as the core, adhere to advance prevention and move forward, and build two firewalls to prevent production safety accidents.
Application value
  • Provide smart safety supervision big data center services for enterprises, prefectural and municipal regulatory departments to realize intelligent operation control of chemical enterprises;
  • In view of the serious "data island" in the construction of safety production informatization in chemical industry parks / enterprises, which leads to difficult business collaboration and backward management means, data governance means such as the construction of industrial data midrange, aggregation, integration, cleaning and processing are used to further revitalize data, improve data quality and enhance data value.
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