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Provide brand-new scientific and technological support for the field of intelligent industry
Smart Chemical Park
For complex chemical scenes, integrate 5g, big data, AI, IOT and other technologies, integrate Park data to form Park data assets, and establish a digital "base " In view of the safety, environmental protection, energy consumption and other issues in the park management process, relying on the data center, a comprehensive management and control platform for digital carbon control, safety and environment monitoring and intelligent early warning, emergency integration and so on was built
Smart Ehemical Enterprise
Provide standardized systems and personalized customization for chemical enterprises, combine the needs of enterprise safety production, energy optimization, laboratory management, intelligent inspection and green low-carbon, apply IOT data perception and aggregation, break the "island " of data, and realize data integration and business integration
Chemical Automation
Relying on SIASUN s core products, it focuses on automation solutions for chemical products, mainly providing intelligent production lines and intelligent logistics for bagged (granule powder) products and barreled (granular powder + liquid) products The key project advocates the new concepts of "mechanized replacement ", "automation to reduce labor " and "intelligent unmanned " to promote low-carbon chemical production
Unmanned Inspection
Relying on its own inspection advantages, SIASUN takes intelligent robot + Intelligent IOT as the core, and uses information + automation technology to strengthen control, creating an integrated solution of "intelligent robot inspection + IOT perception + dual control system integration "
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